Predikin Prediction Server

Welcome to Predikin

Predikin is a system to predict substrate specificity of protein kinases.

Some of the things Predikin can be used for include,

  1. Predict the most likely phosphorylation site for a specific protein kinase.
  2. Predict the most likely protein kinase for a phosphorylation site.
  3. Make predictions about WHOLE proteomes.

For full details, please refer to the published articles on Predikin. There is also information in the documentation pages.

If you experience any difficulties using Predikin, please contact us (we'd also like to hear from you if you have suggestions about improvements to Predikin or this website).

Using the site

Sequences may be submitted on the "Submit Sequences" page. There is also a tutorial to using the Predikin server.

Commercial usage

Predikin is freely-available for academic research. If you wish to use results from Predikin in commercial research, please visit this page.

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